Additional Services

Nutrition Presentation

Looking for a speaker for a nutrition focused wellness event?  Want to educate your team or business on different topics of nutrition? Small or large group setting the presentation can cover various nutrition topics tailored to the audience and their needs.   

Potential topics:

Nutrition 101, Intuitive and Mindful Eating, Healthy Meals & Snacks for Busy Professionals, Sports Nutrition for Teen athletes, Food Addiction: Fact or Fiction?, Nutrition Hot Topics, General Nutrition Q&A, Healthy eating for Busy Families

Grocery Shopping Tour

This is I believe the game changer.  Why not have greater confidence in the arena where we actually buy our food.  The 60 minute tour will include: how to read a nutrition label, smart shopping tips, outside of the box foods, product suggestions.

Nutrition Challenges

Interesting in running a Nutrition Challenge at work, your gym or with a group of friends.  Let me help you get the most out of the Challenge tailored around the groups goals.  Challenge aid can include: nutrition education workshop, handouts, emailspiration, grocery shopping tours, support group meetings