Nutrition Coaching – Individual & Family

My goal is to help families live healthier.   As parents, we want what is best for our children.  However, Nutrition is often times a neglected piece of the puzzle.   Food and nutrition can easily be pushed aside due to the confusion behind it, the perception that eating healthy takes time and money, our never-ending busy schedules and the non-credible nutrition sources found too easily on the internet.  Proper Nutrition is especially important to children due to their rapid growth and development. Various studies show that what someone learns in childhood is carried throughout their lives. If we teach by incorporating healthy habits to our children at a young age, this will not only strengthen their immune system and learning capabilities, but it will also set them up for a healthy lifestyle for years to come.

I help Families and Individuals...
- Learn realistic approaches to healthy family living -
- Simplify food and nutrition, tailoring it to each individual family -
- Finds areas for improvements -
- Mange intolerances and allergies -
- Manage medical diagnosis -
(i.e. overweight, childhood obesity, allergies, celiacs, high cholesterol, hypertension)

Information on nutrition is a click away, however if you are having trouble deciphering what is fact vs. fiction, getting stuck with applying your nutrition knowledge or simply do not have enough time on your hands I am here to help.

Invest in your families health: receive individual nutrition plans, recipe suggestions, education various nutrition topics and on reading nutrition labels, and smart grocery shopping tips. Packages or individual consults and follow-ups available, book an appointment today. 

Family Packages

1 Month “Reset”

Think of this service like going to your Dentist every 6 months.  Maybe you have a new job, schedule etc.  You have worked with a Nutrition Coach before, have a good hold on your nutrition and beed a reset, a refresher, or questions answered.

Initial Consult

Weekly Check-ins

Online/Text Support

3 Month Behavior Change

For long-term results I recommend a three month program, implementing new focus areas each week, month etc.  Three months allow for breaking barriers and challenges that arise.

Initial Consult

Weekly Check-ins

Online/Text support

Monthly Nutrition Services Subscription

Nutrition Services on the tip of your fingers.  After three months of working together a monthly subscription is available for all clients.

Online/text support for questions and concerns involving nutrition and health.

Discounts on Fit Plate Nutrition Additional Services…

~Grocery Shopping Tours, Lunch & Learn, Online Challenges, Small Group Classes etc/ ~

PLEASE NOTE: You do not need to commit to a full package today but are more than welcome to begin with an initial consultation.  After the first appointment we will decide together if and when to meet again.  I want you to feel 100% committed and satisfied with my service.

Meetings are available over the phone, Facetime, Skype, at an agreed upon location or the comforts of your own home.

Additional fees may apply depending on distance traveled for at home visits.  

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