Meet Michele Fumagalli

Registered Dietitian (RD)

Education & Credentials

Dietetics is my second degree and career.  I received my first degree from University of Notre Dame in Business-Marketing and went on to work at Gatorade.  Part of my role at Gatorade was to educate athletes, teams, coaches and athletic trainers on sports nutrition.  I loved learning the science behind sports nutrition, educating the athletes and began to want more involvement and have a greater impact with each Athlete's nutrition. This passion for helping others through nutrition brought me back to school in pursuit of becoming a Registered Dietitian. 

As a certified Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and expert in Nutrition, I received a Bachelors of Science in Nutrition with a Dietetics concentration, completed my 1200+ hour Dietetic Internship through the University of Houston and passed the Dietetic Boards.  

Philosophy & Approach

Unfortunately, I did always understand the importance of nutrition nor recognize the consequences of poor nutrition (in sports or in my day to day life).  I remember scouring the internet for information on diets, "Super foods", how to lose weight and/or anything that, I thought, might "help" my performance, body fat and even body imagine.  Yet, what I found and even tried could not have been further from the truth.  Restrict calories, don't each carbs, stop eating after 7pm,  stay away from sweets.... My highest body fat percentage was when I was "dieting," while training for my upcoming professional soccer season.  No surprise to me now, this "diet" actually caused not only improper fueling but a decline in my performance as well.  Moreover, I am a non-diet approach / anti-diet Dietitian.  I believe food is an enjoyment and one of the most important relationships in our lives.  Food Guilt should be thrown into a black hole and no food should be off limits.  The key is to build a healthy relationship with food, honor your hunger, your fullness, and give yourself the freedom to eat the foods you love.  I am here to show you the path to this success while working together to achieve your goals and vision.

Anyone is able to post information on food and nutrition today. Much of the time this can result in a confusion and falsified claims.  In a world full of "food-noise," as an RD, I can offer credible and realistic guidance both one-on-one and in group settings. 

Coupling my expertise in science and vast experiences in sports nutrition I can serve as a voice of reason, encouragement, and guidance in this crazy chaotic world of food.  I provide comprehensive client-centered nutritional therapy, working with each client in a partnership in order to find what best fits you, your family or your athlete. 

Professional & Collegiate Athlete

I have been an athlete all my life and am extremely honored and humbled what sports did for me.  In my youth, I helped my High School Soccer team win their first State Championship and won two National Championships with my Eclipse Select soccer club team.  I was fortunate enough to play in College, becoming a four-year starter on the University of Notre Dame’s Soccer team and competing in Four Final Fours.  Honored without doubt, I also represented the United States on the U-20 and U-23 National Soccer teams.  After College, I played professionally, signing with the Chicago Red Stars then heading to Germany to play in their professional women’s soccer league.  After hanging up my cleats, I stumbled into the world of CrossFit and has been competing and coaching since 2013.   

IMPORTANT NOTE: In all the time playing soccer however, I never took my nutrition seriously, which makes me continually ponder, “how much better could I have been or accomplished if my nutrition was dialed in?” 

Starting in High School and lasting through the extent of my soccer career, I did not have a healthy relationship with food.   If someone at Notre Dame told me I was going to become a Dietitian I would have laughed in their face. Nutrition was an intimidating, confusing, and sensitive topic, and something I would rather not think about.  At Gatorade, I finally began to understand the science behind Nutrition, the positive and negative effects it can have on a person and on their performance.  It is my dream to share my Nutrition expertise and experiences in order to help my clients achieve their own goals. 

Mom: Meet My Team

When I am not cooking up recipes, working out or running Fit Plate Nutrition you will find me sandwiched between these two cuties (and, of course our black lab, Mya).  As a family, we are huge foodies, love the outdoors and value family.  Even though Chicago weather can be harsh at times, we make it a point to get outside in the fresh air.  We never turning down a family get together and much of the time hosting them which means trying out new recipes 🙂

When I began my Dietetic journey, I knew I wanted to work with athletes.  Being an athlete all my life and working at Gatorade and Gatorade Sports Science Institute, sports is what I know, it is where my experience is and where my passion lies.  It wasn't until my journey of motherhood began that my fire for youth and family nutrition ignited.   I continued to find myself reading, writing and counseling others in regards to Family Nutrition.  After witnessing many families current nutrition in today's convenience-driven society, the many questions parents have about child nutrition as well as the increasing numbers of allergies, intolerances, heart disease, child diabetes and obesity, I believe my Family Nutrition Counseling can help your Family in ways that go beyond what we put in our mouth.  

Parents want the best for their children, and in my house this includes food and nutrition.   My goal is to help families make small realistic changes with their nutrition that will impact their health for years to come.