Sports Nutrition

Improving an athlete's performance is more than how you train, what you wear or the gear you use. Food and Nutrition are fundamental to athletic performance and should to be apart of each athlete's game. Fueling properly for your sport will optimize energy, reduce risk of injury and improve recovery.

Over the last decade the number of Professional and Collegiate Sports teams investing in Sport Dietitian services has increased substantially. Whether Professional athletes have there own private Dietitian or the league requires teams to have a Dietitian on staff, it is evident that the importance of Sport Nutrition continues to grow.

In Sports, athletes push their bodies to their limits. If the body is not fueled properly, it will breakdown more easily and to put it simply, the athlete will never reach his or her full potential.  It is difficult for athlete's, especially youth athletes, to connect how they feel (and their performance) with what they did or did not eat or drink. Headaches, GI distress, cramps, and lack of energy are common athlete issues that can be associated with nutrition.

Fuel the body properly for training and competition

Create more energy, power, endurance

Decrease risk of injuries, soreness, and more efficent recovery

Know the benefits of appropriate and legal supplements

Eliminate stomachaches, headaches or cramps and focus on performance

Just as we invest in personal trainers, the latest and greatest gear, individual lessons and so forth, nutrition also needs to be apart of the athlete's game.   Let's find out what's missing in your game when it comes to nutrition. Receive individual fuel plans, guidance on supplementation, and education on various sport nutrition topics in order to bring your game to the next level. 

Schedule an initial consult or choose a package from those available below. Meetings can be over the phone, Facetime, Skype, at an agreed upon place, or the comforts of your own home.  Additional fees may apply depending on distance traveled for at home visits.  

Sport Packages

1 Month “Re-charge”

Think of this service like going to your Dentist every 6 months.  Maybe you have a new job, schedule etc.  You have worked with a Nutrition Coach before, have a good hold on your nutrition and beed a reset, a refresher, or questions answered.

Initial Consult

Weekly Check-ins

Online/Text Support

3 Month “Game Changer”

For long-term results I recommend a three month program, implementing new focus areas each week, month etc.  Three months allow for breaking barriers and challenges that arise.

Initial Consult

Weekly Check-ins

Online/Text support

Monthly Sports Nutrition Subscription

Nutrition Services on the tip of your fingers.  After three months of working together a monthly subscription is available for all clients.

Online/text support for questions and concerns involving nutrition and health.

Discounts on Fit Plate Nutrition Additional Services…

~Grocery Shopping Tours, Lunch & Learn, Online Challenges, Team Talks, Small Group Classes etc/ ~

PLEASE NOTE: You do not need to commit to a full package today but are more than welcome to begin with an initial consultation.  After the first appointment we will decide together if and when to meet again.  I want you to feel 100% committed and satisfied with my service.

Make your Appointment today


Initial Consult 

This get-to-know you session we will focus on the athletes current training and eating routine, diet history, any health concerns, review of goals and vision for the future, and develop a customized fuel plan that best fits the athlete and his or her goals.  Length 75 minutes

Individual: $125      Family: $170


Follow-Ups Visits

Follow-ups are essential for success. The athlete will receive additional support and accountability with each meeting.  Each follow-up will have a different focus whether that be a nutrition topic, area of improvement, working through barriers and so forth.  They will be tailored to the athlete's goals.  Length 45 - 60 minutes

Individual: $85      Family: $99


Email Support

Each package below you will receive unlimited email support.  Any questions, concerns or successes can be answered via email.  You will also receive weekly motivational emails with tips, recipe suggestions, and nutrition hot topics.  

Included in all packages

Sport Nutrition Topics Covered 
  • What to Eat, When, and How Much

  • Meal and Nutrient Timing

  • Power Snacks

  • Eating Out, On-the-Go Nutrition


  • Nutrition Before, During and After Training or Competition
  • In vs. Out of Season Nutrition

  • Hydration, Caloric and Sleep Needs

  • Supplements Education and Breakdown