Sport Nutrition Coaching

Sports Nutrition used to be what you ate before, during and after a training or competition.
Today, Sports Nutrition is EVERYTHING an athlete fuels him/herself with throughout the day.
The recovery process is never-ending...
Let Fit Plate Nutrition services help you and your athlete WIN on & off the field




Fuel the body properly for training and competition


Create more energy, power, endurance


Decrease risk of injuries, soreness, and more efficent recovery


Know the benefits of appropriate and legal supplements


Eliminate stomachaches, headaches and cramps

Let's find out what's missing in your game when it comes to nutrition. Receive individual fuel plans, guidance on supplementation, and education on various sport nutrition topics in order to bring your game to the next level. 

Initial Consult

This get-to-know you session we will focus on the athletes current training and eating routine, diet history, any health concerns, review of goals, short and long-term.  Leave the meeting with two actionable items while a personalized fuel plan is prepared.

60-75 minutes

Follow-Up Visit(s)

Follow-ups are essential for success. Receive additional support and accountability with each meeting.  Each follow-up will have a different focus whether that be a nutrition topic, area of improvement, working through barriers and so forth, tailored to the athlete's goals.

30-45 minutes

Sport Nutrition Topics Covered
  • What to Eat, When, and How Much
  • Meal and Nutrient Timing
  • Power Snacks
  • Eating Out, On-the-Go Nutrition
  • Nutrition Before, During and After Training or Competition
  • In vs. Out of Season Nutrition
  • Hydration, Caloric and Sleep Needs
  • Supplements Education and Breakdown\