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Enhance your child's, family's  or own health through finding what works best for you nutritionally.   

Fit Plate's customized Lifestyle Nutrition Services  ensure you're fueling you and your family for current & future success.

 Do you or your child want to perform optimally, while decreasing risk of injuring, improving energy, recovery and immunity?

Fit Plate's comprehensive Sports Nutrition Services ensure athletes  are getting the "fuel" they need to elevate their game to the next level.

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Individuals & The Family
Improve Your Own & Your Family’s Health, Energy, & Growth
Mindful Eating, A New Approach
Put Nutrition Knowledge into Action
Manage Allergies/Intolerances & Medical Diagnosis
Nutritious & Realistic Meal & Snack Ideas


Athlete’s & Teams
Optimal Performance

Enhance Recovery
Increase Energy
Decrease Risk of Injury


Increase Health & Immunity


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Meet Michele

Michele Fumagalli, BA, BS, RDN

I began my career at Gatorade educating athletes, coaches, teams and athletic trainers on the importance of sports nutrition.  Quickly, I realized my passion for nutrition which lead me back to school to pursue a career in Dietetics.  As a Registered Dietitian, I am a food and nutrition expert. In a world full of "food-noise," I hope to be a credible and reliable Nutrition source helping athletes and families reach their goals.

Nutrition was once an intimidating, confusing and sensitive part of my life, as an RD, I hope to clarify, simplify and individualize Nutrition for others while helping them reach their goals

Combining my three passions: sport, family and nutrition I formed Fit Plate Nutrition, a nutrition consulting company focused on Family and Sport Nutrition.  It is my goal to educate, empower and improve my client's relationship with food while working together to affirm and achieve their goals.


What People are Saying

“After working with Michele, I have gained so much knowledge and awareness of the right kind of foods I need to fuel my body for performance, as well as understand nutrition better to live a healthier lifestyle. Michele helped me see how to manage the right proteins, carbohydrates, and fats throughout the day and suggested amazing meal ideas! She also gave good insights on the little things to think about, such as ingredients to watch for, how to be more conscience of the amount of sugar in food, and what products are better for your body overall. I thought I ate decently before but thanks to Michele’s help I’m eating way better than I’ve ever have in the past!”

Kathy M, Teacher & Fitness Enthusiast

Michele has a connection to the understanding of how food works.  By that I mean as a “pure pleasure to our senses” AND the true essence that food brings to our physiology. 

Being an athlete herself, Michele is a natural when it comes to working athletes.  Having an understanding of carbs, fats, & proteins isn’t enough…working with Michele is a perfect remedy to correct small to large food concerns.  She is open to share & easily conveys where your thought process  (as it pertains to eating) should be to achieve optimal health

Cindy L, Mother & Business Owner

“My husband and I were looking for more of a whole food approach when it came to our nutrition. Michele provided us with easy, quick, whole food snacks and recipes that our whole family could enjoy!  Working with Michele made us more aware of what was in our food, and the simple fixes we could make on a daily basis.  Michele was easily accessible and gave us tip sheets with guidance as we worked with her.  Michele does not believe in diets, but more of a whole food lifestyle.  For this reason, this is why we chose Michele for her services.  We greatly appreciated all of her knowledge and support!”

Jenny K, Mother of 3 and Teacher


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